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What are the materials of the ABS trolley case?

Update:10 Jun 2021

ABS is the current mainstream material for trolley cases, which was once very popular in the market. The characteristics of ABS trolley cases are: more flexible, and the case feels lighter and more impact resistant. Although it seems that the trolley case of this material is relatively fragile, it is not. I have done a lot of tests on the abs material trolley case on the Internet and found that the flexibility of the trolley case of this material exceeds everyone's imagination, and the trolley case of this material It is easier to clean. The disadvantage of this kind of trolley case is that if you accidentally have scratches, the entire trolley case will be "broken." Although it does not affect the use, the aesthetics are greatly reduced, but now generally ABS material trolleys are sold. The business of the box will send a trolley case cover, which is very durable when you remember to put it on and maintain it when you don’t use it.

Advantages of ABS trolley case:
1. The trolley case is light in weight, yet resistant to falling, compression, impact, and good toughness.
2. The trolley case has good heat and cold resistance, and some materials are no problem at a temperature of -40 to 100.
3. The bright color and fashionable appearance of the trolley case have won the favor of young people and fashionable people.
4. The trolley box is easy to clean. Generally, it can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or brushing lightly with a fine-bristled brush.