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What are the advantages of pc+abs trolley case?

Update:03 Jun 2021

PC+ABS is an alloy of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-styrene-butadiene graft copolymer (ABS). PC has the advantages of transparency, high gloss, good toughness, high strength and strong heat resistance. The price is currently about 18000-19000/t, but its resistance to stress cracking is poor. Abs is relatively cheaper, the price is about 15000-16000/t, the toughness and strength are not as good as PC. However, due to the presence of butadiene rubber phase, it has better stress cracking resistance. In actual use, ABS is commonly used to toughen pc, and the ratio ranges from 10% to 70%.

The PC+ABS material trolley case not only continues the advantages of the ABS material trolley case, but also improves the shortcomings of the ABS material trolley case. It also adds the advantages of the PC material trolley case and reduces the price of the pure PC trolley case. It is a new type of market. Products, the pure PC trolley case on the market is also a fake of this kind of material. This kind of material trolley case mainly depends on the ratio of ABS material. The higher the abs ratio, the cheaper. Generally, the material of abs+pc trolley case is divided into three layers, in the middle That layer is made of ABS. The innermost and outermost two layers are made of PC. Now some factories have very good technology. When the PC material mixed with ABS material is used for inspection in general institutions, the ABS material cannot be tested.

PC+ABS material trolley case is suitable for general consumers or high consumers. It seems that it is similar to pure PC material trolley case, and the performance and price are relatively balanced. At present, it is recommended that hard cases are the first choice for this kind of material trolley case!