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What color is good for the trolley case?

Update:17 Jun 2021

There are many colors of trolley cases, everyone has different preferences, and there are many factors that need to be considered, such as age, gender, occupation, and dressing style. Then, what color trolley case is suitable for you? Jiaxing Tianhao Industry Co., Ltd introduces several popular colors.
What color does the trolley case look good?

White trolley case
First of all, white is the most common color and one of the classic colors. White looks simple and clean, giving people a sense of purity, and very versatile, suitable for people of all ages, genders, and occupations.

Black trolley case
Black is also a common color. It looks mature and stable. It is also very versatile. It is suitable for all kinds of people. It is low-key without losing the atmosphere. It has a unique temperament. It is very resistant to dirt and will never see stains. .

Pink trolley case
Pink is the representative color of girls, very gentle and lady's color, so it is suitable for some young girls to use, and can show the charm of girls better, but the clothes are suitable for some light-colored clothes, so the contrast will not look great.

Blue trolley case
Blue has the difference between dark blue and light blue. Dark blue is calm and noble, suitable for boys. Light blue is pure and fresh. Both young boys and girls can choose. It is a more eye-catching color and can be seen at the airport at a glance.
Bean Paste Green Trolley Box
Bean paste green is a popular color in recent years. It is a relatively neutral color. It will look white when matched, and is very popular among young people.

Purple trolley case
Purple looks noble and elegant, and is more suitable for middle-aged people. It will not be old-fashioned. Moreover, purple is also a color that is more resistant to dirt. It will not appear old and will not be outdated after long-term use.

Red trolley case
Red is a very festive and high-profile color. It is suitable for people with personality. Of course, it can also be used for weddings and honeymoons. It can be matched with dark clothes and looks very fashionable.

What color trolley case is the grade
Which of these many colors is more high-grade? Actually, it depends on the individual's perspective. There is no fixed-grade color. As long as it is matched with the right clothes or occasion, no matter what the color is, it is very high-grade.