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Is trolley oxford cloth or plastic better?

Update:09 Apr 2021

Oxford Bracket Box

The advantage of the Oxford brazil is that it feels comfortable, wear-resistant, and durable. If accidentally touched with water, it will be absorbed quickly. It is more convenient to clean, and the weight is relatively light. The expandability of the Oxford brazil is also Very good, because it is a soft cloth, there are many compartments, and there are more things that can be stored, and it can be sorted and stored. The disadvantage is that the style and color of the Oxford Bracket Box are very single. In order to resist dirt, most of the Oxford Bracket Boxes are black or other darker colors. It is not easy to distinguish at the airport, and the Oxford Bracket Boxes are not resistant to collisions and cannot be very Good protection of valuables.

Plastic trolley case

The advantage of the plastic trolley case is crash resistance and impact resistance. It can protect the contents of the box very well. It has a certain degree of resilience and is not easy to deform. It has more styles and colors, and is more stylish and individual. It is waterproof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant. It's also very good, the box is also easy to clean, if it is dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth. The disadvantage is that the plastic trolley case is heavier and has no scalability. A heavy fall may cause the case to burst.