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What size of aircraft luggage meets the requirements?

Update:31 Mar 2021

According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the total volume of passengers’ luggage cannot exceed 115cm, that is, the volume does not exceed 55cm×40cm×20cm, which is 21 inches (including handles and rollers). Excess luggage items cannot be You can only go through the baggage check-in procedures as soon as possible when you take the plane.
Generally, suitcases smaller than 22 inches are required to be carried with you.

Extended information:

Items carried by passengers for wearing, use, comfort, or convenience during travel. If there are no other regulations, it also includes your checked baggage and carry-on items.

The weight of each piece of checked baggage cannot exceed 50 kg, and the volume is 40×60×100 cm.

Free baggage allowance for each passenger (including checked and self-care baggage): 40 kg for first-class passengers with adults or children, 30 kg for business class passengers, and 20 kg for economy class passengers. Passengers holding infant tickets have no free baggage allowance.

In order to ensure the safety of your checked baggage, the suitcase needs to be locked, and the cartons and woven bags need to be packed. Please do not bring cash, jewellery, securities, valuables, lithium batteries and other flammable and explosive items in your checked baggage.

It is recommended that you attach or stick a personal name tag on the outside of the checked luggage so that it is easy to find when there is a problem with the luggage transportation.

Valuable items, digital electronic products, easily damaged, perishable items, etc., shall not be checked as checked baggage or in baggage.

Important documents and materials, travel permits, currency, securities, jewelry, precious metals and their products, antique calligraphy and paintings, medical first aid items and other items that require special care, cannot be checked as checked baggage or in baggage.