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Is the trolley case made of PP material good?

Update:14 Apr 2021

Pp material is also known as polypropylene. This material is characterized by low density, non-toxic, colorless and tasteless, strong hardness and good heat resistance, so the trolley case made of pp material is not easy to crack, and it is waterproof, pressure and wear resistance, but The appearance is simple and common, and the cost-effectiveness is relatively low. There are many trolley cases made of pc or other materials on the market that are more durable and cost-effective than those made of pp.

Advantages of Pp trolley case
1. The density is relatively small, only 0.89-0.91, which is one of the lightest materials in plastic, so the trolley case made of pp material is lighter.
2. It has good mechanical properties, so the pp trolley case is more resistant to pressure and impact.
3. It has high heat resistance and is not afraid of high temperature.
4. The pp trolley case is corrosion-resistant, has good chemical properties, is not easy to absorb water, and does not react with most chemicals.
5. The pp trolley case is non-toxic, tasteless, and has a pure texture, making it safer to use.