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Is the trolley case a soft case or a hard case?

Update:25 May 2021

【Benefits of Hard Case】
1. Made of metal or reinforced fiber, it is resistant to fall and impact, and can protect the contents of the box from being squeezed.
2. There are more choices for appearance patterns and colors.
3. The side is not a zipper design, and it is not easy to burst because the luggage is too full.

[Disadvantages of hard box]
1. The box itself is heavier and it is more laborious to carry it by hand.
2. The space is fixed, and there is no flexible space, so there are fewer things that can be put.
Because of the weight of the box, it is easy to be overweight when weighing.

[Advantages of soft box]
1. Made of fabric or leather, the overall weight is relatively light, and it is easier to carry by hand.
2. It is less likely to be overweight when weighing.
The elastic space is relatively large, and if there are too many things, it can be squeezed.

[Disadvantages of soft box]
1. Most of the sides are designed with zipper, if the stuff is too full, the zipper is easy to burst.
2. It is not stronger than a hard box, and the contents in the box are easily damaged by squeezing.
3. The choice of exterior pattern is less than that of hard box.