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What should I do if the luggage compartment code lock cannot be opened?

Update:19 May 2021

How to crack the trolley box password lock? The most critical part of the combination lock is the protruding part and the recessed part of this component. After adjusting the number plate, when the concave and convex parts are just combined, the lock can be opened normally.

1. The first step is to lay the suitcase flat, the height is level with the eye position, that is, the position facing the code wheel.

2. Find a strong flashlight and illuminate the position of the code wheel.

3. If you mobilize the code wheel, you will find an obvious gap under the code wheel. All three cipher wheels have this gap position. First find all the gaps. Generally, the gap will be a little bit to the left.

4. When the gaps of the three cipher wheels are found, adjust them to the same orientation, and then increase the numbers on the three cipher wheels by 3 or 8 or minus 5, and then pull the unlock button to open the cipher lock . Example: Find the corresponding gap as 520, then add a number between 1-9 at the same time, such as 4:964, try a few times to open it.

5. If it is not turned on, then increase the number from one to nine in turn. If it doesn't work, subtract it again. You can open it up to 20 times.

6. There are differences in the settings of some password boxes, but you need to find the position of the gap first, and everyone should pay attention to the product manual.