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How many kinds of synthetic plastic materials are there for trolley cases?

Update:27 Jul 2021

Trolley cases are widely used, and trolley cases of various materials are also emerging in an endless stream. Everyone knows that the original trolley cases are only made of traditional fabric materials. In recent years, the development of synthetic plastic trolley cases is more popular, then the trolley case is made of synthetic plastic material. Is it divided into several types?

1. PVC material
There are several types of synthetic plastic materials for the trolley case? The first PVC polyvinyl chloride material. PVC is one of the world's largest plastics. It is relatively cheap and widely used. Polyvinyl chloride resin is white or light yellow powder and cannot be used alone. , Must be processed. The biggest shortcoming of PVC material for trolley cases is weight. Generally, airline consignment is limited to about 20KG, while the weight of PVC material trolley cases accounts for half of it. However, PVC material is still very good as a kind of hard box trolley case because of its drop resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, and relatively fashionable appearance. It is the strongest of the trolley suitcases. It has a smooth and beautiful appearance, so there is no need to worry about the scratches caused by brutal and violent handling.

2. ABS material
ABS materials are also known as ABS engineering plastics, and their appearance looks opaque and warm white. ABS materials are widely used. The main characteristics of the ABS trolley case are: lighter weight, better flexibility and rigidity, can withstand great impact, and can protect the valuables in your trolley case. But the trolley case of this material also has advantages and disadvantages, and it is prone to scratches and affects the appearance. This site editor’s warm reminder: You can put on the trolley case protective cover to avoid this drawback.

3. PC material
There are several types of synthetic plastic materials for the trolley case? The third type of PC material. Due to the special structure of polycarbonate, PC polycarbonate has become the fastest-growing general engineering plastic among the five major engineering plastics. The PC trolley case can be said to be much stronger than the ABS trolley case, and its abrasion resistance is much stronger than that of the ABS trolley case. Its surface is smooth and beautiful, and it has the same characteristics as the ABS material trolley case. It is also a commonly used and popular influence trolley case on the market, which has the advantages of anti-fall, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and waterproof.