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What should I do if the pc trolley case is worn out?

Update:22 Jul 2021

During the journey, the trolley suitcase will inevitably bump and bump. Another example is the luggage checked by the plane. The suitcase is easy to be scarred. In fact, for us, the trolley suitcase is only convenient for us to carry our luggage, but now people are more and more demanding. Fashionable appearance is also a key to improving your image, so what should I do if the pc trolley case is worn out? In fact, we can take some protective measures. If the suitcase is scratched, how to repair it?

Method 1: Facial tissues are indispensable, and a bottle of Fengyoujing should be prepared. Then we use a paper towel to dip some Fengyoujing to wipe the scratches. If it is not very deep, the scratches on the trolley box will disappear.

Method 2: If the first method does not work, then we have to take further measures to repair the scratches on the trolley case. You can prepare some stickers you like. We stick the stickers on the worn out place, so that the trolley case will also Become different, can be blocked, can also be modified. But there is one thing, once the sticker is attached, keep it, because if you tear it off, it will leave a more ugly black mark.

Method 3: You can choose the nail polish of the same color as the box. Of course, the premise is that your scratched area is not large. If it is more obvious, you must use the second method to repair it.
Anti-scratch skills of pc trolley case

In fact, the pc trolley case that I just bought comes with a film, which is protective. It is recommended not to tear it. Also, you can prepare a dust cover for your own trolley case, so that it can provide a good protection for our case during consignment and travel.