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What is the difference between the trolley case universal wheel, the aircraft wheel, and the one-way wheel?

Update:04 Aug 2021

The important thing about the trolley case is its wheels. When buying a trolley case, the wheels are also different, such as universal wheels, airplane wheels, and one-way wheels. What is the difference between these three kinds of wheels? Which one is better? Let's come together. Let's see.

1. Universal wheel
Advantages: The universal wheel is suitable for smooth roads, such as the roads of stations and airports. The universal wheel covers a large area and the wheels are small. It can rotate 360°, and it can be moved by reducing the pushing and pulling force. The general materials of universal wheels are rubber, nylon, polyurethane and so on.
Disadvantages: Some rugged Luigi cards are broken. In addition, the universal wheels cannot be fixed, and the trolley box will run around on slopes or bumps in the car.

2. Aircraft wheel
Airplane wheels are actually a kind of universal wheels. Airplane wheels have 4 wheels, but they have eight sides. Airplane wheels are generally made of rubber.
Advantages: Since the eight-sided wheel will make the stability very good, the sound of pushing up will be very small.
Disadvantages: The aircraft wheel is not as flexible as the universal wheel when it is pushed up, because it touches the ground more and the friction force is large.

3. One-way wheel
Advantages: The one-way wheel has only two wheels. The wheels are generally larger and suitable for various roads. The one-way wheel occupies a small area and the wheels are generally stronger in the box.
Disadvantages: One-way wheels cannot rotate 360°, and it will be more laborious than universal wheels on smooth roads.
Summary: In terms of price, airplane wheels are more expensive than universal wheels and one-way wheels; if you often pull the box to walk, one-way wheels will be more practical and strong than universal wheels and airplane wheels; if you are only traveling, the road is easier to walk. In some places, universal wheels and aircraft wheels will be more comfortable and convenient.