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Which material is strong aluminum-magnesium alloy or pc?

Update:16 Aug 2021

The most durable and strong materials in the trolley case are aluminum-magnesium alloy and pc. One is hard and the other is flexible. Many people will be entangled in choosing which one is stronger and more durable. Today, I will help you analyze which of the two materials is stronger and more durable.




Which is the strongest magnesium-aluminum alloy or pc?
Comparing the two materials, the aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case is stronger. After all, it is made of metal, and the hardness is definitely higher than that of plastic. It is also enough. The aluminum-magnesium alloy may be inconvenient to carry. You can choose which material to choose according to your own needs.

The difference between aluminum-magnesium alloy and pc
Aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case
Aluminum-magnesium alloy is a common metal material in the trolley case. The trolley case of this material is simple and atmospheric, has a metal texture, has good hardness, is not easy to deform, and is light in texture, waterproof and heat resistant under the premise of ensuring compression and impact resistance. Cold-resistant, it can be used normally even in weather conditions with large temperature differences, but it is slightly heavier than the trolley case made of pc, and the price is higher, and the color and style are relatively simple.

PC trolley case
The surface of the trolley case made of Pc is flexible, has good resilience, is strong and wear-resistant, has good pressure resistance, is easy to clean, and the pc material has a high degree of transparency and free dyeability, so the trolley case made of pc There are many colors, diversified styles, and more fashionable personality, but compared with metal materials, the hardness is not as good as metal, and the appearance is easy to scratch, and it is not resistant to ultraviolet rays.