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What is the difference between the built-in rod and the external rod of the trolley case?

Update:10 Aug 2021

The trolley rods of the trolley case are divided into many categories, such as single rod and double rod, built-in rod and external rod, multi-gear rod and infinite rod. Which type of rod is better?



The difference between a built-in rod and an external rod
Built-in tie rods means that all tie rods are inside the box. The appearance of the box looks flat and beautiful, and it will be more comfortable when checked at the airport. There is no need to worry about being damaged, but it will take up a small part of the internal space.
The external pull rod means that a small part of the pull rod is outside the box, which will save the internal storage space of the box, but the appearance does not look so neat, and you should be careful when checking it.

Which is better for single rod and double rod
Double tie rods are the most common tie rods. Most of the trolley cases are double tie rods. Double tie rods have better bearing capacity. Single tie rods have become popular in recent years. Many major brands will have them. Single tie rods are thicker than double tie rods. , And save space and weight. Generally speaking, the difference is not very big. You can choose which one to choose according to your own preferences.

Which is better, multi-shift lever and infinite lever
The multi-gear lever has a fixed number of gears that can be adjusted, while the infinite lever has no fixed card position and can be freely expanded and contracted. The difference is not very big. You can choose any one.