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What is the quality standard for trolley luggage?

Update:09 Dec 2020

First luggage wheel
1. The quality of the wheels is firm, smooth, noisy, and shiny.
2. The wheels of the suitcase are divided into one-way wheels and universal wheels:
(1) Universal wheel: flat push, labor saving, more suitable for smooth roads.
(2) One-way wheel: It can be easily inclined and is suitable for walking on European gravel roads, so the inclined one-way wheel is suitable for various roads.

Second lever
1. The tie rod material is mainly divided into all aluminum and aluminum alloy. Alloy tie rods are widely used, mainly because of their light weight, sturdiness, resistance to deformation, no rust, and high cost. The tie rod material is the most used material on high-end luggage and . The total length of the pull rod and the box body is one meter ±5cm. This range is combined with the ergonomic design of the internationally universal size.
2. The structure of the trolley connecting to the box is divided into internal and external trolleys. The built-in trolley is used to open the zipper of the cloth in the box, and the trolley can be directly seen. This kind of design is beautiful and elegant, and the trolley can be protected in the box. Mainly used in the low-end market.

Third code lock
1. Mobile code lock: Use a pen or toothpick to hold the small dot at the bottom, don't loosen it, pull out the code number you want with the other hand, and release the small dot after setting it.
2. Fixed type: Use your hand to pull the loose key on the password lock and don't loosen it. Use the other to adjust the number you want, and then release the loose key after setting the number.
3. The fixed type has a small black dot: Use a pen or toothpick to press down the small black dot, and then set the password you want. After setting, push the loose hand pull key up and down. Once the black dot pops up, you can.