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What is a luggage?

Update:02 Dec 2020

Luggage, also known as travel suitcase or trolley suitcase, is a box used to store items when you go out. It is one type of luggage. Usually luggage is used to store the clothes, personal care products and souvenirs needed on the journey. Early suitcases were made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularity of air travel, the materials of suitcases tend to be lighter, hard plastic or cloth. Most models also come with built-in small wheels, which can be easily pulled with a pull rod. After 2010, a suitcase with 4 small wheels has appeared. In addition to 360-degree rotation, it can be easily pushed on flat ground.


In addition, suitcases can also be divided into hard-shell suitcases and soft-shell suitcases according to their shells. Hard-shell luggage is more resistant to fall and is suitable for luggage that needs more protection. Soft-shell suitcases are generally lighter than hard-shell suitcases, and their capacity is more flexible. However, the zipper position of the soft-shell luggage is more likely to burst due to too many items inside.