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What are the tips for purchasing a trolley case?

Update:11 Nov 2020

A good trolley case can be used for several years, but a poor quality trolley case may not be used once. The choice of a trolley case is particularly important. A high-quality trolley case will look much better in texture, so what are the tips for buying a trolley case?

Tip 1: The nature of travel determines the style and design of the trolley case

For official travel, you should choose a simple and easy-to-carry briefcase with a laptop or printer. This type of box can generally be carried with you because of its small size; of course, if you are just a simple traveler, choose a suitcase or a trolley case They can be lifted and pulled, light and labor-saving, especially for those who cannot be carried on their shoulders, and they must not add obstacles to themselves or trouble others during travel. By the way, the horizontal trolley case is especially suitable for passing through narrow aisles.

Tip 2: The length of travel time is proportional to the size of the trolley case

If the travel time is less than one week, then pick a trolley box and a carry-on bag that can be placed on the cabin luggage rack (the suitcase must not exceed 56cm×36cm×23cm, otherwise you must go through the check-in procedures) Is there a special design that can be attached to the trolley case, which can be more labor-saving); If the journey is more than a week or the number of transfers is large, choose a large hard case or a horizontal suitcase.

Tip 3: Carry different trolley cases for different travel destinations

For example, when you go shopping, you must bring a large trolley case, or even a large trolley case and a small trolley case, because there are more things to buy. If you go to buy a wonderful wine, then bring a hard case, because it can protect the contents of the case from damage when it is subject to external shocks.