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What are the shopping tips for travel luggage?

Update:16 Dec 2020

Travel luggage refers to a variety of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic, textiles as the fabric, plywood, plastic sheet, cardboard paper as the inner tube, using hot pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, sewing technology to produce A travel tool with clothing function, classified according to the variety, mainly includes travel hard cases, travel soft cases, and travel bags. A hard suitcase is a suitcase with a hard body material, while a soft suitcase is the opposite. A travelling bag mainly refers to a variety of drag bags that have a larger capacity than ordinary backpacks and are equipped with trolleys and wheels. At present, the common hard case materials on the market are ABS, PP, thermoplastic composite materials, etc., and the materials of soft cases and travel bags are generally nylon, canvas, leather, etc. Travel luggage has long become a common tool for people to go out to work or visit relatives during holidays, so their quality has always been concerned by consumers.

When going out to play, travel bags are naturally an indispensable helper for everyone. A high-quality luggage may bring more comfort and ease to your journey; on the contrary, a poor-quality luggage may deprive you of all the happiness during the journey. However, the various types of travel luggage on the market currently range from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, and the prices vary greatly, and the quality is even more uneven. So, what problems should be paid attention to when choosing travel luggage? How to choose the box that suits you?



First, the classification method of travel luggage
According to the variety, it is divided into: travel suitcase (hard case); travel soft case (soft case); travel bag.
According to the material, it is divided into: travel suitcases, travel soft cases, and travel bags made of leather; travel suitcases, travel soft cases, and travel bags made of artificial leather and synthetic leather; travel suitcases made of various textiles , Travel soft cases, travel bags; plastic travel cases.
According to the type, it is divided into: vertical luggage and horizontal luggage.

Two, purchase tips
1. Check whether the surface of the case is smooth and free of scars;
2. To check whether the edges and corners of the box are smooth and not rough, if there are aluminum alloy corners, also check whether the package is firm;
3. To take a few steps with the box, check whether the bottom wheel is flexible and the steering ability is strong. At the same time, the quality of the wheels is very important. You should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels.
4. Press the button and pull out the lever to see if it retracts freely and functions well;
5. If it is a hard box, lay the box flat and put a heavy object on the shell. If the quality of the box is qualified, there is absolutely no problem;
6. The most important thing is to check the performance of the lock. For a password lock, you can adjust a password at will and try it, but it should be noted that when you officially adjust the password, you must choose 3 digits that are easy to remember and not easy to forget. Numbers, such as date of birth, phone number, etc. are all OK;
7. It is to check whether the gold plating of hardware accessories is intact and free from wear.