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What are the practical aspects of the trolley case?

Update:06 Jan 2021

One, knowledgeable in size

Q: How big is the box to use?

A: The first point of buying a trolley case is to figure out exactly how big a case you need. The editor of the trolley case brand rankings said that the luggage is less than 20 inches, and the total length, width and height should not exceed 115 cm. It is generally used It can be used for 2 days and 1 night or as the second piece of luggage. Because it can be carried with you, it is suitable for storing valuables such as cameras and computers.


If you are traveling personally within a week, you can choose a 23-24 inch small box, two people sharing or a long journey is suitable for a 25-27 inch medium box, and a 28-2 inch is suitable for a long journey or studying, studying, etc. Go abroad for a long time. We believe that the 25-inch and 26-inch ones are the best on the market because they are medium in size and can handle short, medium and long-term trips. They are the most practical size.

Q: Why are the size of the same size trolley case so different?

A: Many friends may not understand that there are several algorithms for the size of the box. Some only count the box body, and some include the wheels and handles. So maybe everyone buys a 20-inch boarding box, but some people can board the plane and some people. Rejected because some airlines will count on the entire appearance instead of just looking at the box. To

Q: The bigger the trolley case, the more cost-effective?

A: Because the price of large and small boxes is not far apart, some consumers think it is more cost-effective to buy large boxes, but they have to suffer because the current airlines have strict controls on the amount of luggage, and most of them limit 20-30 kilograms. Large boxes are easy Overweight, coupled with pushing and pulling effort, will cause inefficient storage, it is better to buy according to the needs of the journey.

Second, the difference between soft and hard shell

Q: Is the soft case better or the hard case better?

A: Soft box and hard box are not absolutely good or bad, it depends on consumer demand. The soft box is made of cloth material. The advantage is that it can increase the space by 20-30%. We believe that consumers, especially the older groups, particularly like this one plus one function, and the cloth box has good storage tan. Too much can also be squeezed away, and multiple storage bags will be added to the outside to allow people to pick up items flexibly.

The hard case can withstand impacts and heavy falls, and has good protection. There will be no problems with the cloth case being scratched or cut. The appearance is fashionable and diverse, and it is deeply loved by young people. However, hard cases are usually heavier; in order to reduce the weight, some hard cases will change the traditional heavy joint aluminum frame to a zipper type, but we believe that many customers who are used to hard cases are worried that the zipper may be damaged, and still believe in the protection of the aluminum frame Sex.

Q: Is it better to open on the opposite side?

A: Generally, the opening and closing of the soft box will be located on the top of the box when it is placed horizontally. After opening, it is equivalent to the box plus the lid, and the storage space is complete. However, the hard box is mostly split and the space is divided into two halves. Consumers believe that when you arrive at a restaurant with a small space, the space for luggage is limited, the two-sided boxes are difficult to flatten, inconvenient to use, and visually have small storage space. This situation usually occurs in Japan, Hong Kong and other places. , The large rooms on the European and American lines do not have such troubles. In addition, people who really know how to store them prefer the hard box split method, because they can be sorted more clearly and organized, and clothes are not easy to wrinkle due to squeezing.

Q: The hard case is too heavy?

A: In recent years, the weight of hard cases has continued to be lighter, and the cases are no longer as heavy as imagined. The ranking of the trolley case brands believes that the difference between the soft and hard cases of the same size is only 500 g-1 kg, and the latest PC anti-dan plastic carbon fiber It can be lighter and thinner than the general hard case, and it is 800g-2kg lighter. But don't think that the thin and light boxes are not crashworthy, and the thickness will not affect their toughness. Of course, you get what you pay for. The quality of a light box that is too cheap is hard to say.

Three, the key details

Q: How to choose a tie rod?

A: Luggage is impossible to lift, and almost all rely on tie rods to operate. Therefore, the material of tie rods is very important. It is recommended to choose aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust, and aluminum will be more embrittlement than carbon steel in ultra-low temperature. It is easy to recycle and remelt, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection. In addition, test the sensitivity and smoothness of the tie rod joints.

Q: Big and many wheels, better?

A: In addition to paying attention to the smoothness of the wheels and the amount of noise, some consumers think that the more wheels the better. In fact, this is a misconception. Some people are accustomed to the rear-pull method to push their luggage. Instead, you can choose the two-wheeled type. If you are used to flat push, of course it is suitable for four-wheeled boxes, and the dragging is more labor-saving. In addition, don't think that the wheels are big. Each brand will match the wheels according to the box type. The size is not important. The focus is on the material. Generally, PU gold wheels are used, the noise is the lowest when pulling, and it is not easy to jam the wheels after repeated pulling.