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What are the introductions of trolley case covers?

Update:12 May 2021

The importance of trolley case covers:

1: Prevent scratches on the exterior of the box, not only for placing the exterior scratched, but also for placing scratches in violent mailing.

2: It is inevitable to go out or encounter bad weather. The suitcase cover can easily maintain the trolley case from rain in the weather in summer.

3: Simple distinction. When you arrive at your destination, you will be able to distinguish your trolley case at a glance when you are waiting for your trolley case.

In fact, the case cover of the trolley case is the same as the mobile phone case of your own mobile phone. Both have a good maintenance effect. There are also trolley case covers made of various materials on the market. How to choose a trolley case cover?

Luggage case cover classification:

PVC transparent dust cover: a transparent appearance can be useful to protect the outer surface of the box from being scratched and abrasion resistant, and it is more durable than ordinary plastic materials.

Waterproof Oxford cloth cover: dustproof, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant, washable and reusable.

Thickened elastic box cover: protect the box from abrasion and stains. Foldable for easy storage.