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What are the characteristics of suitcases?

Update:14 Jan 2021

So let's understand the characteristics of the suitcase.

1. Most of the hard cases have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, and compression resistance. The hard shell material can not only prevent the contents from being squeezed, but also resist impact. The disadvantage is that the built-in capacity is fixed. Compared with hard cases, soft cases can free up more space for users, and most of them are light in weight, strong in toughness, beautiful in appearance, and soft in color, making them more suitable for short trips.

2. The flexibility of the trolley case is one of the four major issues that must be paid attention to when customizing the trolley case. Pronet recommends that you must choose a built-in trolley case with a plastic ring sleeve at the connection between the trolley rod and the spring, because of this design of the trolley rod The luggage stability is relatively strong.

3. High-quality suitcases will be marked with detailed information such as product name, product standard number, specification model, material, production unit name and address, inspection mark, and contact phone number.



What are the characteristics of suitcases? Do you know? Whether it is customized craftsmanship, time or price, the trolley suitcase is much higher than the backpack customization. Therefore, if the budget is not very sufficient, it is not recommended to choose a customized trolley suitcase. Relatively high. Of course, if the corporate budget is sufficient, custom-made trolley cases are also very good as employee benefits or corporate gifts.