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How to put inside the trolley case?

Update:23 Jun 2021

People who often go out often worry about packing their luggage. They don’t know how to put a piece of clothing in order to save space. If the same clothing is placed, it will be a smaller trolley case than if it is not placed. So tidy up Good luggage is really important, so how should the inside of the trolley case be placed?

Bulky clothing
We can roll up the clothes, which not only takes up less space in the box, but also prevents the clothes from wrinkling. However, some people think that the normal stacking is more space-saving, because the thickness of the clothes is different and the materials are different, so It may not be very well rolled, it is more suitable for stacking. In this case, we can put the stacked clothes under the box, and then put the rolled clothes on top of it, so that we can have the best of both worlds. Thin clothes are suitable for rolling up. , Such as T-shirts, shirts, thick hard clothes are suitable for stacking, such as denim jackets, cotton clothes.

Small clothes
For such small items as underwear, we can stuff socks and panties into the underwear, and then put the underwear in a bag and put it in the edge of the luggage to make full use of the space. The belt cannot be folded, and the roll takes up a little space, so the belt can be placed in a circle along the edge of the trolley box, which not only protects the belt, but also saves space. Shoes and toiletries can be placed on the top of the luggage, which is also convenient to use. Some boxes have more compartments inside, and you can also put toiletries or underwear in them.

Most trolley cases are divided into upper and lower layers, with soft clothes on top and hard heavy objects on the bottom. This prevents the clothes on the upper layer from falling out when opening or closing the business characters. Some boxes have built-in pull rods, so the lower layer will be uneven and it is not very convenient to put clothes in, so we first put some small clothes in and fill it up, so that the upper layer can be further organized.