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How to choose the trolley and roller of aluminum frame trolley case?

Update:20 Feb 2021

With the increasing convenience of people's travel methods, the use of trolley cases has become more and more popular. The rod material of the trolley case is generally made of aluminum alloy or steel, and its structure is basically divided into one-section, two-section, and three-section. Two-section type and three-section type means that the length of the pull rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box. When purchasing, the pull rod must be built-in, and the material is steel or all aluminum. The all aluminum material is lighter and very strong, otherwise the trolley case will be difficult to forbid rough handling. In addition, it depends Look at other configurations of the trolley case, such as whether the setting of the retractable button is more user-friendly, and whether the trolley is convenient and smooth when retracting and pulling.


The material of the roller is usually rubber, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, and low noise. It has built-in and external ones. An external roller that can roll in any direction is usually called a "universal wheel". Puret's professional aluminum frame trolley case is strengthened and improved on the basis of ordinary steering wheels. It uses German high-carbon steel precision bearings with wear resistance 10 times that of ordinary bearings. Even if there are more things in the box, it can be pulled smoothly. , Move forward quietly, move flexibly, without jamming and deformation. And learn from the basic principles of aircraft tires, creating a very superior grip performance, enough to carry more heavy loads.

The advantage of the "universal wheel" is that the trolley case can change direction freely and arbitrarily with your body's movement during the operation process, but its drawback is that it does not withstand the brutal loading and unloading of the consignment.

Whether the zipper is smooth enough without jamming should also be considered as one of the important indicators. However, usually larger zippers can give people a sense of safety and security. Those who don’t like the zipper closure can choose to close with a lock. The aluminum frame trolley case uses the TSA customs code lock, which is used in more than 40 countries and has no worries about entry and exit. Double locks give double protection to the trolley case, and 1 million password combinations make you safe and reliable.

It is normal for the lever to shake, this is because:
1. The connection between the lever and the lever is actually a spring button.
2. The structure of the big tie rod tube and the small tie rod tube naturally has some gaps in the middle, otherwise the two tie rod tubes will not be pulled out due to the tight contact. There is a plastic ring at the connection between the built-in rod and the spring, which also plays a stabilizing role.