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How to choose a good aluminum frame trolley case?

Update:12 Mar 2021

As our necessities for traveling, the trolley case is undoubtedly irreplaceable. The aluminum frame trolley case is now the first choice for travel. However, some people like to compare the aluminum frame trolley case with the zipper case when buying. But for the same luggage, the structure of the zipper box and the aluminum frame trolley box is not a difference in quality, but is based on people's travel habits. What I want to introduce here is the deep frame trolley case that can really be compared with the aluminum frame trolley case. The deep frame trolley case only occupies less than 5% of the luggage market in the world.



The deep frame is the deep aluminum frame, which is different from the ordinary aluminum frame. So, where is its advantage?
First of all, we can find from the comparison of materials that the ordinary aluminum frame trolley box uses 370G/M ordinary aluminum. Due to the simple structure of the ordinary aluminum frame, the shape tends to be flat, no undulating structure, ordinary aluminum, and the amount of aluminum used is moderate. The structure is simple and easy to process, so the production cost is moderately higher than the zipper box, the production process is mature, and the quality cost is higher than the zipper box, which is a good travel choice. And in terms of sales, aluminum frame trolley cases account for more than 90% of the market.
In contrast, due to the simple process and low cost of ordinary aluminum frame, 90% of the aluminum frame suitcases on the market are produced with this structure. While drifting with the flow, the structure and craftsmanship that is too streamlined will easily deform after being severely impacted, resulting in poor opening and closing and lax closing. This also created the defects of the ordinary aluminum frame trolley case.
The material of the deep aluminum frame is better than the ordinary ones. The 450G/M ordinary aluminum material is used. And because the deep frame has a complex structure and many undulating shapes, it is made of a large amount of aluminum, regardless of the material cost and the production cost. It is much higher than the ordinary flat frame. Because the structure requires integral molding and the machine technology has good requirements, only a few large factories in China can complete the production. The complex production process is destined to be low in output and high in cost. It is the first choice for high-quality consumer groups. But its market share is only about 4%.

The deep aluminum frame trolley case is also supported by aluminum alloy in the middle, and the aluminum double U-shaped lock structure of the deep frame makes the upper and lower covers of the aluminum frame tightly sealed, not easy to shake, and no gaps. The density and compression resistance of the deep frame are much higher than that of the ordinary aluminum frame, and the aluminum content is higher.
Judging from the above materials, I think our choice of aluminum frame trolley case should have a rough outline. Except for special circumstances, the quality of ordinary aluminum frame trolley cases is sufficient to meet our needs for trolley cases.